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Summer Holidays, News

Summer Holidays

RECORD will be closed from the 2th august 2019 to the 21st august 2019 included



The Panda red will target the enquiries for medium level of automation, in applications with limited complexity or areas where today we are not competitive with the price of the existing Panda.


NEW Panda BS - Long Seal

The new solution for MEDIUM SPEED with Long Seal Jaws, Barrier film and M.A.P Modified Atmosphere Packaging.


NEW Jaguar Long Seal for High Speed

Up to 150 ppm and 60 m/min with Barrier film and M.A.P. Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Monica Fioravanti e Record sulla rivista PLATINUM, News

Monica Fioravanti e Record sulla rivista PLATINUM

It was back in 1965 when the first flow pack machine was set up by Giuseppe Fioravanti,

Confezionamento delle capsule di caffè , News

Confezionamento delle capsule di caffè

Le linee per il confezionamento delle capsule di caffè, sono un mercato in continua espansione di cui Record si fa punto di riferimento con il perfezionamento delle macchine.

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